The Magical Power of Art Deco:
The Fusion between Practicality and Aesthetic

We never stop asking:
What kind of design can match the wisdom featured in a game of Texas Hold'em? What exhibits enough respect for every second of patience and decision?
What design is truly worthy of high-end players?

For SLOWPLAY, in addition to producing a reliable product and smooth user experience, having strong aesthetics and visuals is also incredibly important.

After going through nearly a hundred years of art history, countless trials and errors, the collaboration between SLOWPLAY ’s poker supplies and “Art Deco” finally results in an exciting and surprising aesthetic that combines both classic and modern tastes.

What is Art Deco?

Art Deco, along with jazz and movies, began to prosper in the 1920s and quickly gained popularity in architecture, furniture, and jewelry.

The name “Art Deco” comes from an industrial decorative art exhibition held in Paris in 1925, which was called “The exposition des Arts Decoratifs.” Art Deco is an artistic style evolved from the Art Nouveau movement at the end of the 19th century.

Art Deco Inspiration | SLOWPLAY Professional Premium Poker Equipment

↑ The Chrysler Building is known as the ultimate example of Art Deco-style architecture.

Art Deco is very visual and utilizes beautiful lines found in the natural world, but simultaneously does not exclude the technological beauty of the machine age. It makes good use of decorative patterns. In addition, bright and contrasting colors are often applied. Art Deco is an artistic style with strong decorative intent.

Art Deco Elements and

↑ "The Great Gatsby" uses a lot of Art Deco style design.

Organic lines coalesce with concise geometric art

Art Deco prefers abstract geometric art, combining and applying clean lines from different angles, creating an elegant and unique sense of space.

In every game of Texas Hold'em, every decision is enabled by smooth logic. SLOWPLAY allows you to simplify the complexity and keep the game smooth while also immersive.

SLOWPLAY ACES Poker Chips Set Features Art Deco Design

SLOWPLAY's Nash poker mat abandons complicated decorative elements, and uses organic lines and concise geometric composition instead, which not only realizes a clear functional distinction, but also allows players to remain absorbed in the game.

SLOWPLAY's Nash Poker Mat Features Organic Lines and Concise Geometric Composition

Linear graphics produce a reliable visual rhythm

Aesthetic principles such as repetition, symmetry, and gradation are widely seen in Art Deco works. It also adopts pyramid-like stepped composition, which uses abstract linear graphics such as lightning, radiation, and star icons. The visual effect is strong, and has a unique sense of rhythm and power.

In every table experience of Texas Hold’em, every flop, betting look, and sound have rich layers and unique meanings.

Godel Poker Mat and Art Deco Design Elements | SLOWPLAY

SLOWPLAY allows layers to be fulfilled in every detail of its products.

The Aces poker chips set utilizes linear graphics and a detailed composition to produce various visual levels.

Beautiful Graphic Design Inspired by Art Deco as Seen on SLOWPLAY's ACES Poker Chips

The Nash poker mat features radioactive graphics as the core, then combines linear graphics.

rich graphics inspired by Art Deco Design are featured in SLOWPLAY's Nash Poker Mat

 Rich colors builds a unique visual aesthetic

Art Deco especially emphasizes strong solid colors, contrasting hues, and metallic tones, including bright red, bright yellow, bright blue, and metallic colors such as bronze, gold, silver and other colors to create a gorgeous visual impression.

Art Deco elements are featured in SLOWPLAY's design

The Aces poker chips set mixes and matches highly saturated colors: orange, blue, red, black, and gold.

Vivid colors inspired by Art Deco style are adopted in SLOWPLAY's ACES Poker Chips

The Nash poker mat on the other hand uses rich green with golden lines, to present a unique visual interpretation.

The use of rich color contrast and organic lines inspired by Art Deco style brings unique visual interpretation to SLOWPLAY's Nash Poker Mat

Good design survives the relentless passage of time. Art Deco is multifaceted and mixed. It is an art produced by a variety of different artistic styles, fabrics, and materials; enjoying integration and adapting to changes.

SLOWPLAY introduces Art Deco in its poker equipment design so that the product not only maintains modern form, uses modern materials, but also retains ancient and aristocratic temperaments, making the Texas Hold’em poker supplies both professional and beautiful to look at.







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