Art Deco Inspired Nash Poker Mat | SLOWPLAY

SLOWPLAY, founded by a group of committed poker lovers including top aviation industry engineers and senior graphic design artists, is a high-end poker equipment brand, dedicated to providing premium poker supplies as well as superior poker experience. 

The brand takes its name from a poker strategy and reinterprets it as an attitude to life that exudes
confidence, intelligence, composure and stylishness.

Our Mission

Art-inspired Ceramic Poker Chips Set | SLOWPLAY Poker Chips Brand

SLOWPLAY wants to create the ultimate product, allowing players to invest more and enjoy every process in poker. To pick up the cards, observe, think, make judgments; tap the table, pull out chips, or fold.

Our Philosophy

We focus on detailed craftsmanship and luxurious designs based on our thorough understanding of poker.

SLOWPLAY products embrace the philosophy of functional minimalism, and combines distinctive designs with premium quality.

By integrating the knowledge of engineers and constantly exploring better materials and manufacturing processes, we strive for creating elevated poker experiences for players.

Art-Deco Inspired Poker Mat | SLOWPLAY Poker Chips Brand

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