Tips | How to Set Up a SNG Poker Game at Home

Too used to the tension and excitement professional poker games bring to you?

Have you ever considered to host a more relaxed poker tournament at home and enjoy the fun with friends and family?

Texas Holdem Home Game | Quick Tips

Don't be too intimidated by the sense of ritual in a professional poker competition. To set up a home SNG (Sit and Go) poker game is not as difficult as you would imagine. It’s likely that you have heard about Molly Bloom, an American entrepreneur, speaker, and writer. The movie Molly’s Game is based on her true story and how she once managed to host the most eye-catching poker game in the entire United States by herself, all in a hotel room.

How to Set Up a Home Game | SLOWPLAY Tips

In addition to necessary poker equipment, including table/table mat, poker chips, playing cards, etc., as the host, you would also need to set the rules and control the duration of the game.

You can control the duration of your own SNG poker game by adjusting the blind level and how fast you increase the blinds. For example:

An eight-player game that starts with a blind level of $25/$50, which is worth $5000 in chips , will increase blinds every 20 minutes, and usually lasts about two hours. You can be flexible with the duration of the game by adjusting the blind level and the intervals between these increases: the faster and larger the blind increases, the greater the fun and excitement and the shorter the game. Consequently, the slower and smaller the blind increases, though longer in duration, players can be more selective about cards and more tactical in terms of their moves.

Of course, you can choose to play a little bit slower at the beginning, then speed up the game after each round. Set up your alarm so you know when it comes to increase the blinds after that hand.

When the blinds have increased to a certain value, there is no need for small-value chips. Then it is the moment to exchange small-value chips for big-value poker chips.

Chip Value | Texas Holdem SNG Game

It is common to have players at the poker table who are new to the game. It’s always good to have a novice guide at hand. Below, we have prepared a template for you. Simply print the image out and fill in the values accordingly before the game starts. Place it anywhere suitable, and you should be good to go.

Texas Holdem Tips | SLOWPLAY

After completing the above steps, your home SNG poker game will be ready. Don’t forget to grab some small snacks! Nuts for good luck and chocolates are great for more energy. Now you’re ready. Enjoy your game!

Texas Holdem Home Game | SLOWPLAY

When it’s time for a get-together with friends and family, try something different.

Texas Hold'em will introduce you a whole new experience of excitement and satisfaction brought by intense competition. Every SNG game is different and full of variables. The good news is, all you need to enjoy a professional poker game is a table mat, a set of chips, and a deck of playing cards!

Don’t forget to share your poker experience with us.

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