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As the old saying goes, haste makes waste. In the course of a Texas Hold’em competition, wins and losses do not lie in technique, but in emotional management and the persistence of one’s strategies.

Advanced players continue to learn how to be more self-disciplined as they evolve into better poker players. Pleasure also comes from confronting calmer and more intelligent competitors and developing a stronger inner self in the process.

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Even when experienced players have the nut hand, you don’t see them being effusive. The art of the game is how to optimize what comes out of it. Hence the calm composure and being low-key are all tied to reading the situation and knowing strategies well.

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At SLOWPLAY, our nut hand is composed of:

Our Team

We have professional dealers from Las Vegas, in-depth players with more than 10 years of Texas Hold'em experience, senior graphic designers, and top aviation industry engineers. All provide insightful ideas from various dimensions that they learned from rich poker experiences. From the aesthetics to the technology, SLOWPLAY guarantees you an unexpected and fulfilling poker gaming experience.

Ceramic Poker Chips | Art Deco Inspired | SLOWPLAY

The Quality

Whether it is the Godel poker mats or the Nash poker chips set, SLOWPLAY is dedicated to producing premium professional Texas Holdem equipment through its use of new materials, improved manufacturing processes, and the sublimation of new aesthetics.

Clay Poker Chips | SLOWPLAY - Professional Poker Equipment


Overthrowing traditional manufacturing techniques, our product engineer spent 12 months polishing details, being precise with each square millimeter. SLOWPLAY proudly launches our full-body black portable chip case; subtle yet luxurious. Handmade by artisans who spent 60 days working on it, the case features delicate PU leather that decorates the interior of the case. To achieve the ultimate gaming experience, the time and effort is worthwhile.

Portable Poker Chips Case | SLOWPLAY - Premium Poker Equipment

Poker Chips Case with Exquisite Craftsmanship | SLOWPLAY

Just as our brand name「SLOWPLAY」, we pour all our time and effort into every product we make because we believe that pursuing the ultimate gaming experience is worthy of .

Famous Finnish designer and artisan Kari Virtanen once said, "I have never regarded myself as a designer, but as a craftsman." Similarly, SLOWPLAY has never seen itself as simply a provider of poker supplies, but regards itself as an authentic Texas Holdem poker player, working tirelessly toward optimizing every detail on the table.










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