Pursuing the Ultimate Gaming Experience

Everyone’s definition of ultimate is different. Some think that 6 out of 10 is good enough, while for others, only scoring 9.9/10 is acceptable. At SLOWPLAY, we dedicate our time and effort in achieving our definition of ultimate: more than 10 out of 10.

From the first time playing Texas Hold ’em, the set-up of the table, the vibrant colors of the chips, and the cards with a slight grip were completely unforgettable, along with the thrill and excitement that the game brings.

As time goes on and a player becomes more experienced, his vision will also change. It is understandable that by continually trying new and better things, the standard for what is considered “ultimate” is also renewed again and again. This is why SLOWPLAY never stops pursuing better materials, processes, and more to push the limit.

For example, how do you go about choosing the material for the poker mat to balance the relationship between feel and friction? How can the thickness of the fabric be innovated to be wide enough to neutralize the high-frequency sounds caused by the chips falling on the countertop, while still being light enough for transportation?

What type of printing is best for displaying all the details? The cost of domestic printing is low; however, Japanese and Germany printing processes have higher accuracy. Which one should be used? What should be done to ensure a waterproof seal without affecting the smooth texture of the fabric?

These are some of our answers:

Premium Poker Mat | Carefree Poker Gaming Experience | SLOWPLAY - Professional Poker Equipment

In addition to the differences in the pattern of poker chips, texture and weight also matter. It is critical to decide whether to use a smooth material or matte texture; should the chips weigh 10g, 14g, or 20g? The ultimate product SLOWPLAY wants to offer must reach a perfect balance.

Most players are fond of playing with the chips, so even the sound that these poker chips make can significantly affect the gaming experience. With one chip in hand, some players inadvertently tap the table when they are lost in thought. The sounds of chips colliding with one another, stacks of chips being pushed forward, and chips being piled are the highlight of the game. The sounds of these moments is impossible to ignore. Is it gratifying but not noisy? Is it too dull or quiet?

To fine-tune every single detail, SLOWPLAY invited several professional, experienced Texas Hold'em players to participate in the design and manufacturing process.

At SLOWPLAY, our answer is:

Premium Poker Chips Set | SLOWPLAY - Professional Poker Equipment

The screening process took more than six months to find the best design and best supplier out of many options. Dozens of samples were made to ensure everything from materials to design to details was perfect.

We tested our products in a real Texas Hold ’em game, with experienced players who were former professional dealers in Las Vegas. Game after game, discussions were had to discover which choice all the players preferred. Each decision was a fine-tuned blend of the players’ rich experience and high expectations.

Many people have asked us: at a time when the commercial environment is so impulsive, is it necessary to pursue the ultimate product?

And the answer to that is absolutely! Texas Hold ’em is a competitive game. Every detail on the table affects the final result: winning or losing.

SLOWPLAY wants to provide a superior gaming experience that exceeds expectations. SLOWPLAY produces poker equipment that gives you a professional setting every time you use it.

To this end, we want all our energy, time, and every employee’s love for the game to provide the ultimate competitive poker gaming experience for everyone.










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