Introducing SLOWPLAY's Nash Poker Mat

Transform your space into a professional poker room with the all-new Nash Poker Mat. One of SLOWPLAY’s first iconic pieces, this mat turns any surface into a premium gaming table while saving space. Intending to revolutionize the art and enjoyment of playing poker, SLOWPLAY releases the Nash Poker Mat as a testament to design, elegance, and acumen.

Immersive Poker Game | SLOWPLAY - Professional Poker Equipment

As of now, this simple and elegant poker mat comes in two colors:

  • Blue
  • Emerald green

Godel Poker Mat | Modern Design  | SLOWPLAY - Professional Poker Equipment

Inspired by the Art Deco art style of the early 20th century, the Nash Poker Mat is an amalgamation of geometric symmetry and simplicity. Combined with the grandeur of the roaring 1920s and contemporary simplicity, this Nash Poker Mat brings the experience of poker to the next level.     

Art Deco Design Elements | SLOWPLAY - Professional Poker Equipment

Designed with playing in mind, this sophisticated mat features a smooth surface that is both comfortable and a work of art. The surface is both waterproof and dirt-resistant. Chips and cards do not slide easily off the mat, thanks to a well-thought friction design. Due to a detailed testing and screening process, the Nash Poker Mat is made of a high-precision flannel fabric fitted with natural non-slip rubber. A high-precision edge-sealing process ensures that the mat is durable and will not unravel over time.

SLOWPLAY’s Nash Poker Mat also features Japanese ink printing, which is environmentally friendly and provides a sharp, detailed design that does not fade. This anti-slip mat is a gracious 2 mm thick, with steps taken to further reduce noise.

Nash Poker Mat | Japanese Ink Print  | Waterproof and Fine touch  | SLOWPLAY - Professional Poker Equipment

The Nash Poker Mat is the point at which simplicity and elegance meet. It was created with the player in mind, whether they intend to play a quick game of five-card draw, or an exciting round of Texas hold ‘em. There’s no need to purchase a bulky poker table. Convenient and portable, this mat will transform your game so you can play anywhere, anytime.


 SLOWPLAY - Professional Poker Equipment


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