New Release - Iconic SLOWPLAY Plastic Playing Cards

Elevate your game with SLOWPLAY’s professional playing cards. Two decks come in an iconic blue and red with a smooth finish that will transport you to a professional poker room.

You no longer have to make a trip to enjoy a game of poker or Texas Hold‘em; these classic cards bring poker to you.

Enhenced Poker Gaming Experience | SLOWPLAY - Professional Poker Equipment


Thanks to high-pressure coloring, the hue of these playing cards is clear and pure with no risk of fading. SLOWPLAY intends to revolutionize the art and enjoyment of playing poker, and has subsequently released the Nash Poker Mat as well as these playing cards as a testament to design, elegance, and acumen.

Premium Poker Playing Cards| Waterproof and Superior Flexibility | SLOWPLAY - Professional Poker Equipment

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To get these cards just right, we invited professional poker players and experienced dealers from Las Vegas to participate in the design and development of our products. We have adjusted the process and materials dozens of times to achieve what we think are the most suitable products for Texas Hold'em. Thanks to the reliability and smoothness of these playing cards, your entire experience will be upgraded to a new level.

Casino-level Poker Playing Cards | Superior Flexibility | SLOWPLAY - Professional Poker Equipment

As of now, this simple classic deck of cards comes in two colors. Inspired by the Art Deco art style of the early 20th century, the SLOWPLAY aesthetic is an attempt to blend geometric symmetry and simplicity with class and elegance.

Art Deco Style | SLOWPLAY - Professional Poker Equipment     



Designed with playing in mind, these cards feature a double-sided matte finish that is resistant to dirt, waterproof, and flexible. These Jumbo index playing cards are pleasing to the eye and make playing more fun and easier than ever.   




SLOWPLAY’s two-tone playing cards were created with the player in mind, whether they intend to play a quick game of five-card draw, or an exciting round of Texas hold ‘em. These cards will help elevate your game so you can play anywhere, anytime.


SLOWPLAY - Professional Poker Equipment

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