SLOWPLAY Provides Premium Gaming Experience.

Win big and look good doing it.

 Dealing, shuffling, mucking, or picking up cards;
Tapping the table, pulling out chips, or folding.
In the game of Texas Holdem, it is not only about winning,
it is also about enjoying every moment in the process.
SLOWPLAY’s ultimate goal is to bring players experience to the next level.  
Enhenced Poker Gaming Experiene

Founded by several committed players who love Texas Hold'em, SLOWPLAY is dedicated to producing the ultimate poker supplies through integrating the knowledge of engineers and constantly exploring better materials and manufacturing processes. This allows players to enjoy every process in the game: pick up the cards, observe, think, make judgments; tap the table, pull out chips, or fold.

After dozens of trials, and months after months of impressive work, SLOWPLAY finally and proudly introduces its full collection. As they say, not only should you win, you should also look good doing it. SLOWPLAY’s full collection features everything you need to start a poker game while providing you with elegance and class. Starting from the very first moment, you are guaranteed an elevated experience.

First Impressions

People tend to believe that a first impression matters. Even before you roll out your game, your interaction with the gaming experience starts.

Premium Poker Chips Case | Superior Durability, low-key and high quality | SLOWPLAY - Professional Poker Equipment

SLOWPLAY is redefining what a good case should look like: the outer shell is made of German Bayer Polycarbonate material, crafted from one-piece injection molding. The full-body black design is subtle yet conveys a sense of reliability. The minute you walk out from the door with the case, complete with a black leather handle, you carry with you an air of confidence. 

And the moment you open up the case, (hand-made internal support along with a PU leather packaging) there is nothing left to discuss. A classy game is about to start.

The Game Begins 

As you roll out the poker mat, which is designed to transform your space into a professional poker room, the smooth and velvety mat surface will delight with every touch.

Smooth and Velvety Nash Poker Mat | SLOWPLAY - Professional Poker Equipment

The SLOWPLAY poker mat is built to provide the perfect amount of friction so your playing cards will never slide off the mat. Made from a premium polyester material, it is truly spill-proof and stain-resistant. Lines and number are printed with eco-friendly Japanese ink to endure a long life without fading. Simply put, it allows you to fully indulge yourself in the game without worry.

Premium Poker Playing Cards and Table Top | SLOWPLAY - Professional Poker Equipment

Texas Hold’em is a game that usually lasts for hours, and playing cards are constantly dealt, shuffled, mucked, or picked up. In order to provide players with a consistent gaming experience, SLOWPLAY plastic poker playing cards are made with premium, safe, and flexible PVC material so that they maintain a brand-new look and feel throughout a prolonged game.

Poker Playing Cards for Texas Hold'em | SLOWPLAY - Professional Poker Equipment

Not only can SLOWPLAY cards withstand liquid stains and smears, they also do not easily mark, dent, or tear. Rest assured with a carefree gaming experience. Once the game starts, just indulge yourself.

Immerse Yourself

During the game, cards are dealt again and again, chips are stacked high alongside the players, and all that in sight is a feast for the eyes thanks to the SLOWPLAY design team.

ACES Poker Chips Set | Art Deco Inspired Design | SLOWPLAY - Professional Poker Equipment

Art Deco-inspired design shown on the products features streamlined artistry, simple geometric composition, and a daring collaboration between vivid primary and metal colors. Altogether, these elements perfectly combine the grandeur of the roaring 1920s and contemporary simplicity.

The design is so stylish and luxurious that once the game starts and players sit at the poker table, they feel like they are at a top-notch casino in the famous sin city: Las Vegas.

Exquisite Design and Craftsmanship | ACES Poker Chips | SLOWPLAY - Professional Poker Equipment

The 10g ceramic poker chips are so smooth and gentle that the sound of players inadvertently fiddling with the chips is like the crisp sound of wine glass gently colliding with each other during toasts.

The 14g clay poker chips on the other hand adds a little more weight to every touch. As if the party crowd out there somewhere is opening up another bottle of champagne, it provides the actual sound of clay chips thrown on the table.

Luxury Poker Chips Set | SLOWPLAY - Professional Poker Equipment

Enjoy the visual, auditory, and tactile feast served to you.
Indulge yourself in the immersive gaming experience that is destined to be different.
SLOWPLAY - Professional Poker Equipment
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